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Socket grafting should be an indispensable part of our daily routine practice for obtaining optimal implant placement and proper functional and aesthetic rehabilitation. Nevertheless, many sockets are left non-grafted after extraction, owing to the complexity and cumbersomeness of traditional grafting procedures, together with the additional associated costs of the graft itself, including the membrane, and the prolonged chair time. Many general practitioners who are usually doing extractions are reluctant to perform socket preservation procedures by themselves. Thus, they refer the case or

Lateral augmentation procedures for the expansion of narrow bone ridges pose complex challenges for the clinician. In this webinar, Dr. Yahav will discuss in depth bone graft cement protocols for lateral augmentation. The lecture will cover many aspects, including conditions for success, treatment needed to achieve the desired bone volume safely and follow-up throughout the healing process.

The lecture will discuss the use of Biphasic Calcium Sulfate cement in minor oral surgery and implant surgery and guided bone regeneration. Specific clinical situation and techniques will be demonstrated and discussed.