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Accurate IPR Anterior
and Posterior Slenderization System

Specifically designed to accurately perform IPR for both Anterior and Posterior teeth.

Strip image for the box strips
Strip image for the box strips

Innovation Guides Us.
Challenges Inspire Us.

The Magic Strip System offers clinicians a precise and ergonomic tool for interproximal slenderization, contouring and finishing.

Safe Slenderization.
Accurate Results.

An IPR spacing technique specially
designed by Dr. Galler and Dr.
Ostreicher to bring you a safe guide
to the edge of your disc.

Start Your Wellness
Journey Now!

Support your dental and
foundational health with Designs for
Health’s premium supplements.
Makes interproximal spacing which
was once tedious hand-work, a
Enables you to perform with

Featured Products


The Magic Touch Zirconia bite adjustment system contains all the burs necessary to do bite adjustment procedures.

Bond Apatite®

Bond Apatite® is a composite graft, composed of 2/3 biphasic calcium sulfate cement matrix’s and HA granules in a controlled particle size distribution, intended to fill or augment a large diversity of osseous defects.

Our burs are created for fast
cutting and increased efficiency
allowing for doctors to finish their
procedure with just one bur.
Our burs are engineered to deliver
superior strength and cutting rate
with minimal vibration for
maximized performance.

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