The Occlusinator®️ PRO kit is the complete 5-piece system of multi-use diamond burs for shaping and finishing Cl 1, 2 and 5 composites. It includes 3 sizes of the “Acorn” shape, modeled after the famous 21B Acorn burnisher. The 97 degree acorn diamond-coated burs mimic the cusp angles of all posterior teeth. It is simple to quickly carve planar anatomy with these burs. These have 50 micron particles for effective reduction, and a diamond-free peripheral safe-edge/limit stop to prevent damage to the enamel and avoid cutting the composite too deeply.

Also included are two “X-Mas Tree” burs, that are identical in size and coated with 15-micron diamond particles for a good finish/polish; doctors report no need to use polishing points after finishing with the X-mas Tree burs. The difference between the two is that one has 80% of the surface covered with the diamond, and the other has only 50%. 80% is for large occlusals and large Class 5’s, and the 50% is for small occlusals and small Cl 5’s. The diamond-free safe-zone allows easy finishing of occlusal and Class V restorations with no risk of scratching precious remaining enamel.

The laser-printed bur block provides reorder numbers for each of the 5 burs.