5 Strauss Diamond Products that will Revolutionize your Office

Strauss Diamond Instruments is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art and reliable dental tools. They are committed to quality; thus, they inspect each product before it’s released to the market. They use the latest technology and new inventions to create products that offer the highest quality of dental care. Strauss Diamond gives you access to the right dentistry products that will transform your service delivery. Don’t remain stuck with outdated dental tools when you can acquire reliable and modern ones. These tools make a dentist’s job more accessible, and they are comfortable with the patient. Some of these tools are listed below;

1. FG Diamond Burs

Diamond burs consist of a set of dentistry products used alongside a handpiece to cut away hard tissues. These tools are mainly used to drill teeth, and they come in different shapes, sizes, and materials to carry out various procedures. Adding these to your set of tools not only makes your work more accessible but it ensures quality services. A numbering system allows you to identify the right equipment. These burs are fast and efficient to save time on procedures. the client feels less pain since the tools drill through the enamel fast.

2. The IPR Solution Tools

To have a client achieve the perfect dental formula is a goal, especially if you have the latest technology. Clients will flock to your offices to get their interproximal procedure performed. Strauss Diamond has created state-of-the-art equipment to ease these procedures. Investing in their products has great positivity with improved customer satisfaction. Avoid wasting time using outdated or manual IPR solution tools. A dentist’s office sure needs an upgrade to improve services while giving your client a reason to smile. The set included magic strips and reciprocating tools.

3. The Key to Endo Access Instruments

There is a wide range of tools specially designed to access the root canal. They are safely designed with a non-cutting tip to widen the pulp chamber without perforation. Their tips vary; some penetrate the pulp chamber floor while others can’t, depending on the shape. Guaranteeing safety to your clients is paramount. Ensure your office is using these safe Endo access tools to prevent more damage to the teeth. A dentist’s tool determines their quality of work. Thus it’s essential to invest in tools that will make your work easier and guarantee client satisfaction.

4. Carbide Burs

Strauss Diamond is keen on creating innovative products that are suitable for their clients. Thus they offer a wide range of tungsten carbide burs, an efficient dentist tool. This product exceeds industry standards for quality and precision to withstand regular sterilization without rusting. It has high performance with zero vibrating effect. They are meant to ground and shape teeth. To upgrade a dentist’s office, ensure these carbide burs are included in your dental instrument shopping list. Most patients seek clinics that primarily use advanced tools to render their services since the procedures are less painful.

5. Diamond Discs

Strauss offers a wide selection of Swiss-made diamond discs suitable to use on the temporary bridge. They are mounted at the factory to guarantee concentricity. They are primarily used for shaping and removing teeth tar. It’s a must-have tool in every dentist’s office for a quality finish. They ensure a smooth surface with a high definition shine. It rotates, making it easier to penetrate between the teeth. They correct teeth luster without additional glazing. These tools are most effective for teeth polishing. The company ensures its products offer nothing but quality service. To improve your office outlook and service delivery Strauss Diamond offers excellent quality. Their products are not only efficient but time-savers designed to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.

5 Strauss Diamond Products that Will Revolutionize Your Office - Infographic

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