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Better Instruments Mean Better Patient Experiences

When running a dental practice it can be challenging to make your patients feel comfortable. After all, the fear of going to the dentist is one of the most common phobias. Historically, this was a warranted fear due to uncomfortable and often painful procedures that dentists and orthodontists alike were performing with the techniques and dental instruments of yesteryear. 

This is no longer the situation, as many practices are using cutting-edge techniques to reduce trauma to the patient’s mouth. Other practices are attempting to break the stigma of the dental office by offering toys to kids and making the office more comforting with shows on TV, video games, and other fun means to distract the patient.

The field has evolved and there are many new and exciting developments in technology and patient care. We have dental instruments that make procedures that used to be a long and daunting ordeal quick and painless. In this way, Strauss Diamond is able to provide relief to dental and orthodontic patients with cutting-edge instruments that enhance safety, increase speed, and are available in collections curated by dental professionals for a variety of tasks.

Safer Procedures

Safety is of the utmost importance in dental practice. Unsafe dental office environments causing undue harm or pain to a patient can lead down a complicated road that can lead to larger medical issues. Strauss Diamond strives to create products that have built-in safeguards to ensure the safety of the patient. 

During Interproximal Reduction procedures there is a risk that the patient’s tongue may be injured by the serrated tools, especially when used with fast-moving powered handpieces. To prevent this we have created our silicone T-PRO Tongue Protector which is compatible with Magic Strip™ products. This is ideal for use with the reciprocating 4-1 ratio handpiece making IPR and contouring work easy.

Faster Procedures

The most valuable resource we have is time. It is a finite resource. The speed at which a procedure can be completed safely and effectively decides how many patients you can take on in a day, and how much time is left for other tasks throughout the office. While Strauss Diamond products may not be able to turn back the hands of time, they can do the next best thing—make better use of the time you have. 

One way Strauss Diamond is able to deliver on this is through higher quality instruments. For example, the Magic Touch for Zirconia line of diamond burs. Due to the high-quality diamonds used and the premium build, not only are the diamond burs more efficient in cutting Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, and porcelain-based crowns and bridges, but they also last longer than competitors’ burs. Both of these result in less time spent in procedures and/or changing out burs. A quick and safe procedure leaves your patients with a positive experience and ultimately they become happy customers. 

Cutting Edge Performance

Strauss Diamond goes beyond creating just high-quality versions of dental instruments that are well known, such as carbide dental burs and polishers. We are consistently searching for novel solutions to old and new problems alike that plague dental and orthodontic practices. For example, we recently revealed our cutting-edge Actify Bur, used in advanced orthodontic procedures. 

The drill uses the body’s own natural biological responses to greatly increase the rate at which patients’ teeth can move into new positions. In short, this is done by taking advantage of proteins called cytokines that regulate the remodeling of bone structures by specialized cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. This is all caused by the reaction to the localized inflammation caused by the Actify bur. This leads to quicker healing times for the patient allowing them to go back to their everyday life instead of being on the mend.

Professionally Curated Collections

Finding the right mixture of dental instruments for a practice can be a tough task. In order to alleviate this Strauss has worked with top dental professionals to create the Galler Ostreicher Solution specially designed for dental spacing with products such as the Galler Guided Spacing Discs and the Slow Speed Straight Handpiece with reduction. Enhancing the dental and orthodontic expertise of an office helps a patient feel more confident in their provider.

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