The Key to Endo-Access with Strauss Diamond

Access endodontics can be a tricky procedure. Precision is essential when preparing a tooth for a root canal. One wrong move and you can cause a fracture or even breakage in the tooth! Skill and practice are both important, but the key to endo access is having the right tools for the job, whether you’re preparing natural teeth, Zirconia, or amalgam. Here are some of the different tools that can help you with different kinds of teeth. 

Endo-Access on Natural Teeth

To prepare natural teeth for cavity work, you need a precision tool with high-quality diamond grit—a tool like the 801/014 Round Diamond Bur. The hard surface helps provide control and accuracy, even at microscopic levels. The problem, of course, is that diamond grit can create an uneven surface

That’s where HBN plating comes in. HBN plating makes the surface even and homogenized. Everything is evenly distributed, in order to create the best reduction during tooth preparation procedures. This helps to optimize grinding, with less heat and vibration, keeping the tool in top condition for longer.

Dental Excavation of Zirconia

Zirconia crowns are made to be strong and resistant to wear. Therefore, you need a strong, durable tool to work with them. Tunneling through porcelain for clean and precise mandibular molar endo access was once thought to be impossible. But the 801/018PF Round Diamond Bur uses Magic Touch diamond burs. These burs are designed to get through either zirconia or lithium disilicate in a matter of seconds, with just a light touch (and a lot of water spray). The area is ready for the root canal procedure, with no micro-fracturing! 

 Mandibular and Auxillary Molar Endo Access of PFM/Amalgam 

Amalgam and Porcelain Fused to Metal crowns may be the most difficult of all to work with. Cutting through metal is tricky and can be disastrous if you do it wrong. For maxillary endo access with an amalgam crown, it’s more important than ever to have the right tool for the job.

 The Barracuda 1558 Round End Cylinder has what’s called a Super Bur, made not of diamond, but of tungsten carbide, specifically formulated for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The blade is geometrically designed for cross-cutting, to get through metal more quickly, while reducing breakage and improving overall control. It can cut through gold, nickel, chrome, or any other metal alloy.

These tungsten carbide Super Burs are designed to exceed industry standards for quality and precision, to help you achieve better consistency as you work, and provide maximum comfort for both you and your patients. 

There are plenty of other tools available to help you with endo access procedures, through all different types of materials. Strauss Diamond is committed to providing you with the highest quality precision instruments, to help you do the highest quality work. Contact us to learn more!

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