Top 5 Dental Student Resources

Are you a dental student or dentist who wants to stay current on the latest and most current technology in dentistry? Dental students need an easy and quick way to locate sources of information for their studies or to research dental instruments like degranulation burs kits, diamond burs, carbide burs, and polishers. Dental students face many challenges and can quickly become overwhelmed with an array of information. In this article, we provide students with five in-depth resources they can use to address these challenges.

Strauss Diamond

Strauss Diamond Instruments is one of the leading manufacturers of degranulation bur kits and other state-of-the-art dental tools. Their dedication to quality makes them inspect each product before it’s released. They create dental care products that use the latest technology and new inventions. You can transform the delivery of your services with the right dental products from Strauss Diamond. Consider upgrading to reliable and modern dental tools instead of sticking to outdated ones. It is easier for a dentist to do their job with these devices, and the patient is more comfortable using them. Below are some of these tools:

Degranulation Burs Kit

Degranulation burs can effectively remove soft tissues from a site while preserving the integrity surrounding healthy bone. It allows direct contact between the graft material and the host bone. If the body encounters any remnants of degranulation, infection and/or graft failure can occur. The Degranulation Burs Kits contains four burs of various sizes (1mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm), each with a large diamond cutting edge that aggressively removes soft tissue without damaging the bone beneath them. It is possible to reuse burs up to 100 times, making them an investment worth considering for any dentist.

FG Diamond Burs

The diamond bur uses a handpiece to remove hard tissues and for drilling teeth. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and materials, enabling them to do different procedures. Besides making your work easier, adding these tools increases the quality of services you provide. FG Diamond burs are fast and efficient, saving the client time on procedures. In addition, since the instruments drill through the enamel quickly, the client experiences less pain.

Carbide Burs

Strauss Diamond is keen on creating innovative products that are suitable for their clients. Thus, they offer a wide range of tungsten carbide burs, an efficient dentist tool. Carbide burs exceed industry standards for quality and precision to withstand regular sterilization without rusting. It has high performance with zero vibration effect, and it can ground and shape teeth.

If you want to upgrade your dental office, make sure to include these carbide burs on your shopping list. Since procedures performed in such clinics are less painful, most patients prefer them.

Strauss Diamond Education Support

Dental professionals are continually pursuing new dental applications, and the team at Strauss Diamond is striving to translate the science into an ever-changing healthcare landscape. A pillar of Strauss Diamond’s brand, education supports the idea of bringing tomorrow’s innovations and dentistry resources to students and dentists.

The education agency gives practitioners access to a wide variety of evidence-based educational content, services, and initiatives to keep them current on the latest in research and science.

Strauss Diamonds’ team of customer service specialists possesses the expertise and technical knowledge to find the right products and dentistry resources for even the most challenging projects. Strauss offers discounts that are much lower than comparable sellers’ offers without sacrificing the quality that our customers expect.

Students can visit the Strauss Diamond website and enroll in a course, review brochures, watch webinars, and watch over 40 videos about their products and services.

Other dental student resources:

American Dental Association (ADA)

You focus on requirements, exams, and clinics – the ADA concentrates on you. Use the ADA’s resources and network with local and state dental societies for relevant information and fun events. Dental students can participate in the ADA Success Programs for free. You will learn about topics of interest to dental students and dentists such as:

  • Free membership: By becoming an ADA student member, you will receive free benefits, such as life insurance and disability coverage.
  • Be Ready: Get information about DENTPIN, DAT, and dental exams.
  • Transitioning from dental school support: Creating a solid foundation is imperative regardless of your next career step. Seek out resources that will help you to build the career of your dreams.
  • Get Licensed: Find out about state-specific licensure requirements and exam preparation tips.

American Student Dental Association (ASDA)

Whether you need help with school-life balance, financial information, or preparing for the national board exams, ASDA has the resources you need. Members of the association receive services, information, education, representation, and advocacy. It is all on the Dental Student Resource website. Using these resources will make your dental school journey easier.

Student Resources Dental Care provides students with complimentary educational resources, including case studies, challenges, educational modules, and fundraising opportunities. Although dental is geared towards dental hygiene students, dentists will also find it useful.

The platform offers over 150 free dentistry continuing education resources. Besides educating patients, you can manage your own dental practice if that is your ultimate goal. Interactive teaching modules are available, such as a virtual examination of soft tissues.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

The AACD promotes continuing dental education by offering superior educational opportunities. They offer a scientific session every year, virtual dental education courses, and many other educational programs. In the dental industry, the AACD offers highly valued continuing dental education credits. The goal of the annual scientific session is to allow practitioners to share ideas and receive actionable, interdisciplinary information on areas such as

  • Practice procedures
  • Methods and materials
  • Cosmetic dental development
  • Self-enrichment
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