Using Strauss Diamond Reciprocating Dental Strips

Strauss Diamond is an innovative company that specializes in dental materials. They produce revolutionary tools for dentists to provide the best, safest, and most effective solutions for their patients. These products include interdental brushes, interproximal strips, micro-surgical instruments, diamond burrs, and much more!

What is IPR?

Interproximal Reduction is the process of cutting enamel to allow space for other surfaces or create a better fit between teeth or appliances. IPR dental strips make this process easy for dentists while at the same time creating a gentle and effective tool. This allows dentists to create their patients the best smile that they can.

What is usually used for interproximal reduction?

Typically, most dentists use scaling files to perform interproximal reduction. However, this cannot be easy because of its size and shape. Additionally, it can create a lot of pressure and stress on the teeth, cause excessive enamel removal, and potentially damage gums. This can be awful for patients, especially when it comes to their teeth.

How are Reciprocating IPR Strips used?

Strauss Diamond’s Reciprocating IPR Strips can be used to help reduce interproximal enamel height by up to 40% on anterior teeth and by up to 20% on posterior teeth. This allows a dentist or hygienist to have more room between teeth, making it easier to use their finishing tools and creating a more efficient treatment for their patient. Strauss Diamond’s Reciprocating IPR strips are specifically great for treating periodontal pockets, making the process easier for both dentist and patient.

Strauss Diamond dental strips are a safer alternative to files in the interproximal reduction process. Since they are smaller in size, they are much easier to handle and give you more control during your work. This is a much safer option because it decreases the amount of pressure applied to teeth and gums, leading to further damage. Plus, dentists can easily hold them in one hand and move the tool quickly to the next tooth. This allows for a much more comfortable and gentle procedure for patients.

What are the benefits of using Strauss Diamond Magic Strips over conventional methods?

Strauss Diamond Dental Strips have many benefits. They are much easier to use and provide a gentle treatment for patients. It is a much safer alternative as it reduces the pressure on teeth and gums, making it more comfortable. Since they are small and easy to wield, dentists can finish the procedure much faster than with other methods.

What should I know before using Strauss Diamond Dental Strips?

For best results, use Strauss Diamond strips on teeth that have freshly polished surfaces and any tooth that requires a reduction of enamel height. Avoid using Strauss Diamond strips for teeth with uneven surfaces as it can lead to incorrect therapy and poor treatment. Additionally, if you do not feel like the Strips are working correctly, let your assistant know so they can check how you are using them.

How Strauss Diamond revolutionized this process

Strauss Diamond has created the first long-lasting, interproximal reduction strips, guaranteed to last for three years. This helps the dental field by cutting out high costs associated with IPR strips that are not long-lasting. It also allows dentists to focus on their patients and continual treatment without having to reorder supplies frequently.

The Strauss Diamonds strips are made of tungsten carbide, making them longer lasting than regular dental strips. The micro-serrated cutting edges prevent chipping or scratching during use, leaving patients’ teeth safe and dentists’ hands clean.

Strauss Diamond’s Reciprocating Dental Strips uses patented technology, protecting it from imitation by competitors. These IPR strips were invented after rigorous research and development, resulting in an innovative product used throughout the world today!

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