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Dental Instruments Delivered to Your Door

Strauss Diamond provides an encyclopedic range of dental instruments to solidify our clients’ goals of conducting minimally invasive oral and maxillofacial surgery as the foundation to eliminate dental illnesses, issues, and optimize dental health.

Diamond Dental Burs

If you are looking for dental burs, our company offers some of the highest quality burs in the market. These burs can be either purchased individually or bought as a part of our comprehensive kit. Used for cutting teeth or bones, dental burs are made of stainless steel, diamond grit, and tungsten carbide. We have a wide range of dental burs in our catalog, some of which are listed below:

  • Multi Use Diamond Burs
  • Magic Touch for Zirconia
  • Interproximal Dental Burs
  • Extra Super Coarse Burs
  • Degranulation Burs

Drawing from decades of experience as a dental instrument provider, our experts bring together main components and accessories and clearly demonstrate their dedication to offering the best solution, all in one place. Some of the accessories that are available to purchase include, but are not limited to,

  • Bur Blocks
  • Diamond Discs
  • Curing Light Tacking Tip
  • Interproximal Reduction Dental Solution

Polishing teeth have come a long way with new technologies and tools. Interproximal Reduction, or IPR, in particular, where the enamel is mechanically removed from in between teeth, is used to correct crowding. With our IPR dental solutions, you can now avail the benefits of

  • IPR with reciprocating
  • IPR with magic strips
  • IPR with burs
  • IPR with Dental Strips

Our tungsten carbide burs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to help remove tooth structure and material. These burs can be sharpened, reused, and applied for maximum results. A list of carbide burs for oral surgery and dental procedures includes:

  • Operative Carbide Burs
  • Lindemann Bone Burs
  • Lab and Lathe Burs
  • Zekrya Surgical Burs
  • Barracuda Metal Cutting Burs

Polishers are intended to give a finishing touch to a dental procedure, especially restoration. Diamond Strauss polishers hold the key to the optimal health and well-being of your dental patient by keeping plaque and gum diseases away. We offer the following polishers and much more:

  • Zirconia Polishers
  • Acrylic Polishers
  • OCCLUFLEX Polishers
  • Flexi Disc
  • Whitestone Polishers
  • Porcelain and Lithium Disilicate Polishers

In addition to the above, Strauss Diamond offers dental mirrors,barrier sleeves, tissue trimmers, bur kits, finishing strips, and much more. For more information on these products, visit our website at or contact one of our representatives.

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